Our Service Offering

Skills Development | Learner Support | Bursary Management


Natfin offers SETA accredited learnerships in line with the Codes of Good Practice of the B-BBEE Act and the Skills Development Act, which would result in the attainment of a certificate of competence for the learners underpinned by its accreditation by the Services SETA and the MICT SETA. These programmes can be custom made for both non-disabled and disabled learners.

Our learnerships involve practical and theoretical assessments. To claim a credit under this element, companies would need to develop a workplace skills plan (“WSP”) (updated annually and on an annual basis submit Annual Training Reports (“ATR”). Under learnerships, the full-service offering covers the recruitment of learners (in the case of unemployed learners), enrolment onto the SETA LMIS & confirming the registration, preparation of the B-BBEE files (for compliance) project management from facilitation through to learner certification. Natfin Training takes the pressure off the client’s shoulders on all Skills Development matters.

The full-service offering includes the following;

  • Learner recruitment,
  • Administrative compliance on learner registration, including CVs, IDs, Qualifications, Medical Doctor’s Reports, EEA1 Forms and Affidavits.
  • Learner enrolment with the respective SETA (Supported by Confirmation Letters).
  • Stipend Management.
  • Facilitation (Virtual or Contact Sessions).
  • Assessments & Moderation.
  • Learner Certification.

Skills Programmes

Depending on client requirements, Natfin offers custom-made Skills Programmes made up of individual Unit Standards or a combination of Unit Standards from our existing Qualifications.

Non-Credit Bearing

In addition, Natfin provides a host of other non-credit bearing programmes, delivered as workshops and masterclasses, drawing delegates from the same organisation (in-house training) or different organisations and backgrounds. Non-credit bearing programmes provide many solutions, including product knowledge, job knowledge, or industry trends.
Our Service Offering

Skills Development | Learner Support | Bursary Management

Virtual and Contact

Natfin provides Learner Support Programmes to Grade 12 learners to support Exam Preparation for students studying in Accounting, Mathematics, Science and  Technology. Our proposed solution will blend several interventions to support the learners. These include tutorial sessions provided through a combination of contact classes, virtual classes.

These learner interventions will be supported by technology, where each learner will receive a tablet with pre-recorded lessons and teaching software. The softer part of these interventions will include study skills development, motivational sessions, career tours and assistance with university entrance and bursary applications.

Our Service Offering

Skills Development | Learner Support | Bursary Management

Bursary Management


Natfin Training’s bursary management proposition includes identifying the learners, handling payments to the respective universities and learners monitoring & evaluation, and reporting to clients. The management is throughout the learner’s studies.

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